NLP Professional Coaching

5 Day Intensive NLP Practitioner Training Course

The skill of the professional coach is to be able to objectively assist others to gain clarity over what is important to them, both in their lives and their work, to help them access the resources they need and to mobilise themselves to move forward and achieve their goals.

NLP offers powerful, effective, rapid and easy to learn skills which can be invaluable to all those involved in the field of personal development and communication, or who wish to change their own lives. Based upon modelling skills, NLP effectively teaches us how to be excellent in what we do. It is often described as a set of tools that shows us how to run our minds.

This intensive, highly practical five day NLP training course, to International Coach Federation core syllabus requirements, leads to an accredited certification in Performance and Life Coaching and registration with CEC. Participants learn the techniques of Professional Performance and Life Coaching, including Niche Coaching in wellness, work/life balance, corporate achievement and sports/athletic performance. They also work with volunteer clients and other delegates in extensive role play and practise sessions.

Coaching is without geographical boundaries and qualified coaches, since they frequently carry out much of their work by phone, can effectively build an international client base. Coaching can add incredible value to people’s lives and therefore, as a career, it can be financially very well rewarded. Full training on building a successful coaching practice is provided in this course.

A comprehensive training manual together with practical and written assignments is provided.

Regular ongoing practise, mentoring and supervision sessions are all included within the training fees.

When you take our NLP training course you will learn:

  • What it means to coach others
  • The skills of both Executive/Corporate Achievement and Life Coaching
  • The skills of listening and effective questioning
  • How to help clients identify their own Values and Beliefs, then translate them into achievable goals
  • How to help motivate clients to stay on track
  • How to help clients to build self-esteem and confidence
  • How to meet clients within their own frame of reference and encourage them to stretch outside their comfort zone
  • Rapid NLP change techniques including the “SWISH” pattern
  • How to recognise when it may be more appropriate to refer your client on to another appropriate professional
  • Sports Performance enhancement techniques
  • How to build a successful private and corporate coaching practice
  • How to set up coaching agreements to the CEC ethical guidelines and professional standards

and much, much more! For more course information please click here.