Removing obstacles to your success

by Lorraine McReight

Why is it that when you seek perfection, you often fail to achieve the aim you had in mind? Why is it that you can’t quite reach your desired goals? What’s stopping you? Have you taken a moment to pause, to think about your situation and actions? Could it be that experiences stored as memories in your unconscious mind are holding you back?

Maybe you could consider how honest you are with yourself? Perhaps you believe that taking an in-depth look would cause too much anguish? The fact is that you have the power to remove the obstacles and you need to learn how to be candid with yourself. The clues from our unconscious are there; we just need to recognise them:

  • Instinctive reactions: We’ve all experienced taking an instant like or dislike to someone but why? Maybe your unconscious mind has spotted traits or characteristics similar to someone you know or have known, and is responding to that.
  • Unnerving conclusions: Have you previously had an unfortunate business transaction or an imperfect liaison with someone? The warning signs were probably already there to highlight likely results. Were you truthful with yourself? Chances are if you were, then you would have known the conclusions pretty soon after meeting someone or being in a similar situation.
  • Behaving in a self-damaging way: The unconscious mind sometimes overrules us because we have inexplicable doubts. We end up in conflict with ourselves, inhibiting us from achieving our aims or aspirations.

Let’s get physical

Sometimes when we don’t listen to our unconscious, the only way it can get our attention is by giving us a ‘sledgehammer’ of a physical jolt. Frequent colds, pains aches and niggles may be a sign that something in our psyche is actually amiss.

Finding a way into your psyche

Humanity exists in a maze of hidden thoughts and beliefs; some that are healthy and some that are detrimental. These thoughts can have a great influence on others and importantly, on ourselves. The truth is often described as knowledge, and we should aim to think about and process any limiting thoughts and beliefs that we don’t even want share with ourselves; they take up too much of our energy and inhibit our development.

Gaining further knowledge of the unconscious

Proven strategies of hypnotherapy, meditation, guided imagery, and other forms of deep work on the self, improve the connection to our unconscious mind, enabling us to achieve personal growth. As therapists we help our clients to change unhelpful underlying issues from the past. In order for us to help ourselves, to be the best person (and therapist) that we can be, we too may need to seek the help of a professional therapist in order to achieve success.

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